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Registrar’s Postcard: Ljubljana, Slovenia

This wheel is 5,200 years old and it’s the oldest known wheel. It inspires enormous wonder, I felt like I was under a spell.

The Wheel - Ljubljana City Museum - Slovenia - 2013 - Alli Burness

The slick exhibition design at the Ljubljana City Museum, supported by BMW, amplifies the sense of wonder.

The magic takes effect as visitors are primed for their encounter. Funneled down a corridor with the wheel framed at the end, it opens onto a black, circular room. The wheel is secluded, elevated on a black plinth and under focused lighting.

The wheel’s presence is pulled through the museum. There’s product placement with an impressive BMW Art Car at the entrance and a display dedicated to BMW engineering. But it’s the link between the wheel and the spheres of the solar system which caught me, created by a scale model of the sun and planets filling half a neighboring gallery. I saw the oldest wheel and held Pluto between my fingers.

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