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Posts from the ‘Postcards’ Category

Registrar’s Postcard: Avanos, Turkey

The Hair Museum of Avanos isn’t on Google Maps. It’s main function is to promote and attract customers to Chez Galip Pottery shop.

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Registrar’s Postcard: Ljubljana, Slovenia

This wheel is 5,200 years old and it’s the oldest known wheel. It inspires enormous wonder, I felt like I was under a spell.

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Registrar’s Postcard: Rome, Italy

Ancient history interrupts everyday life everywhere in Rome, sitting alongside roadways, holding up construction of new train lines, tangled in the foundations of Renaissance buildings. Read more

Registrar’s Postcard: Florence, Italy

I’m still processing all the museums I visited in Florence. One thing that stood out was the popularity of in-gallery videos, explaining how a type of work was created or conserved. Read more

Registrar’s Postcard: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city that wears art like a cloak and crown. Here, art and museums are under your feet and everywhere you look.

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Registrar’s Postcard: Esperance, Western Australia

I don’t usually do fakes. But the Stonehenge at Esperance, Western Australia, got me thinking about the value of replicas in museums where the pull of the original object dominates.

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Registrar’s Postcard: Holbrook, Victoria, Australia

You’ve driven hours through crisped, flat land. You’re 400 kilometers from the sea. As you drive into the town of Holbrook, there is HMAS Otway, an 89 meter Oberon-class submarine, concreted into the park.

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