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The Art of the 24-hour Museum

The Eucla Museum, in the middle of the Nullarbor Desert, is a single room in the roadhouse motel, between rooms 30 and 31. As I passed late one night, there was a glow from one light. I checked the door to find it open. The Eucla Museum is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Registrar’s Postcard: Esperance, Western Australia

I don’t usually do fakes. But the Stonehenge at Esperance, Western Australia, got me thinking about the value of replicas in museums where the pull of the original object dominates.

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The Value of the Local or Does Size Matter?

Lying awake one night in Robe, South Australia, I remembered this 2008 commercial for Bega Cheese.

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Registrar’s Postcard: Holbrook, Victoria, Australia

You’ve driven hours through crisped, flat land. You’re 400 kilometers from the sea. As you drive into the town of Holbrook, there is HMAS Otway, an 89 meter Oberon-class submarine, concreted into the park.

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Spin the Bottle

A Scottish fisherman found the world’s oldest message in a bottle in August last year. It was a drift bottle cast to sea in 1914. An early 19th century data trap, it was part of an old-school crowd-sourced science program. Read more