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Tying Up Loose Ends

An old post, Reacting to Objects: Mindfulness, Tech and Emotion, was featured over on Freshly Pressed last week, sparking conversation and a tonne of new followers. Hello to you all! You’re a great reason to come back and summarize my latest activities, woven around a prevailing theme. Read more

What’s the Difference between a Selfie and a Self-Portrait?

The global museum sector is celebrating the second MuseumSelfie Day this week, as organised by CultureThemes. In preparation, Annelisa Stephan, Manager for Digital Engagement at The Getty, approached Arpad Kovacs, Assistant Curator of Photography, and yours truly with a question I was surprised to find I hadn’t considered before. Read more

How to Get to Know a Collection (and Fast)?

This time last year, I travelled into Rome by train while having a conversation with Tim Sherratt in Canberra. Tim had built a Twitter bot enabling the Trove historic newspaper database to talk. Finally, I could have a conversation with a collection.

Read more

Critical Response: Conversations in Museums

After being home only a handful of weeks, I’ve since travelled again to New York City and Baltimore to attend the Museums and the Web (MW) Conference. I met many people I connected with online during the course of my journey last year and many more inspiring people.  Read more